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For a long time I  have been walking and seeing nothing. Now I find this song and it cheers me. - Nitanat


The Indigenous Peoples Special Interest Group is committed to bringing a focus to literacy issues with Indigenous and marginalized peoples around the world. We also want to celebrate and share successes in Indigenous language and literacy.

New Orleans, LA

Thank you for joining us in October, 2019 for the Annual ILA Conference in New Orleans, LA. Thank you for participating in our session!


If you are interested in becoming a member, go to the membership page on this site.


The current project is to provide a forum for literacy professionals and advocates to disseminate and share ideas around literacy and indigenous and / or marginalized groups. This is promoted through collaboration and participation in the International Literacy Association.


There are many ways to share. Sharing successes as well as ideas for future projects. The idea is to maintain, advocate, support indigenous culture and groups. It is also about sharing literacy strategies that can be successful for all marginalized groups.


Get Involved

Getting involved is as simple as being a member or helping organize projects and activities. Although it is not necessary, being a member of the International Literacy Association, membership allows the Indigenous Peoples Special Interest Group to advocate within that organization. The more members the bigger the voice!

The achievement gap for students who struggle with academic vocabulary continues to grow. This seems to be particularly true for children who come from vulnerable backgrounds. Can addressing and targeting explicit vocabulary instruction be an answer to help close the gap?

Unfortunately, ILA's Annual Conference for 2020 had to be canceled due to COVID. We had planned on offering an Indigenous Peoples SIG session. Instead, ILA will be offering a 'virtual' opportunity. Use the link in this heading for more information and  to registister!

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